Sir Francis Bacon Peanut Brittle was launched upon an unsuspecting world a few years ago. Since then, it has gone from wonderful culinary anomaly to a national confectionery sensation.

Now a fixture in many of the top gourmet and gift shops in the country, Sir Francis has captured the hearts and stomachs of culinary adventurers. No wonder. It’s a blend of so many things we already adore: bacon, peanuts, butter and sugar.

The New York Times called it “The Love Child of Salt & Sugar.” And in countless features both online and off, it has been glowingly reviewed. For that we are grateful and humble. And we pledge to continue making our decidedly unique confections with the same exacting level of care.

Soon, Sir Francis Bacon Toffee Bars enrobed in dark chocolate will be expanding the realm of bacony goodness.



Allan Benton is a legend in the bacon business. His smokehouse in Madisonville, Tennessee is a magnet for those who live for the divine swine. According to Allan, it’s all a matter of time. “I smoke my bacon three times longer than any manufacturer I know of,” he says in his humble Southern drawl.

The results speak for themselves. His products have been featured in such culinary publications as Gourmet, Saveur and Esquire and he has received a lifetime achievement award from the Southern Foodways Alliance. We are lucky and grateful to be working with one of the best bacon artisans in the world.

When you sample a bite of that smoky, savory, and all-natural bacon-y goodness, you might want to tip your cap, as we do, to Mr. Benton.



All peanuts are not created equal. In fact, there are four distinct types: Runners, Virginias, Valencia and Spanish. We prefer the latter in our bacon peanut brittle, because of its natural sweetness. They have been used in various confection products for years for just this reason.

We source ours from small farms in New Mexico, where some of the best of this type are grown. We get them raw – and they are cooked – and preserved – when they are incorporated into the brittle mixture in our copper kettles.

We love them for the flavor, texture and crunch they impart.